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A Better World

Collectively, we face the biggest crisis in recent human history. Climate change is affecting people everywhere, especially in poor countries. We face wholesale destruction of the ecological system on which all life depends. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have killed, injured or displaced thousands and contributed a large proportion of the total 45.2m people forcibly displaced by the end of 2012. We have been robbed by the financial crisis and its consequences. Despite many initiatives, global economic and social injustice, extreme poverty and violence persist. People are aware of a deep malaise. There is growing awareness that Globalisation in its present form is not working and is unsustainable. The UN Summit in Copenhagen failed to produce the decisive action that millions hoped for. We now need to renew our efforts and campaign even more strongly for radical change.

My new book - A better world is possible
is for people who want to make sense of the situation and take strong action. It provides comprehensive proposals. Click on NEW BOOK to find out more.

The good news is that this crisis is an opportunity that could lead to happier, more fulfilling lives for everyone! I believe we shall all be more at ease in such a world.

MarchPeople, businesses and governments are reacting. The ball is rolling, but far too slowly to avert disaster. There is a lack of strategic leadership. Many people are in denial, carrying on with "business as usual." Many believe there is little or nothing they can do or are waiting for someone else to act. The global economic system has to be changed. Consumerism and continuous rapid economic growth are unsustainable. We need to transform the way we live; we need a change of consciousness. That is what the new generation demands. 

We can change things for the better if: we understand the key issues underlying the crisis; believe we can make a difference; take informed action in our daily lives and work; put pressure on governments, big corporations, the media and international institutions like the WTO and the World Bank. Whoever and wherever we are, we can all play a part in transforming our lives, our organisations and our world, particularly if we have the courage to be ourselves.  

We have learned: we cannot depend on political and corporate leaders to do the right thing or act in time, or the media not to mislead or lie. As Polly Higgins says we have to “dare to be great”. As people become more informed and aware, their values and consciousness change. This is how systemic change in the world comes about – many people doing what matters to them.

This site is for anyone who wants to be part of a huge transformation for the better.  The purpose is to provide you with the inspiration and resources to do this.
These include:

  • a radical analysis of the current unjust global economic system - why it’s unsustainable
  • what needs to be done to transform the system
  • the transformative leadership needed in the 21st Century
  • how to facilitate and co-create change, empower and bring out everyone's leadership
  • most important of all, what you and I can do.

(Photo: Association of Sustainability Practitioners Walk Your Talk Event )
You will find fresh ideas and proposals, articles, books, events and links to other like-minded people who are working for change.

I hope you will find the website inspiring and useful. I welcome your feedback.

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