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NEW BOOK: The 21st Century Revolution: A Call to Greatness

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The 21st Century Revolution: A Call to Greatness

The 21st Century Revolution – A Call to Greatness is the Oxford Alumni November Book of the Month 2016 >>

We are in the midst of a great revolution. Every century has its revolutions and ours is no exception. It is multi-faceted and interconnected. There is a revolution in science, medicine and technology. The scientific and technological revolution will transform our lives, our work and the world as we know it. Undoubtedly, many of these developments will bring enormous benefits, particularly in the area of human health. However, equally, they could result in the even greater concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the few. The danger is we’ll be deluded by techno-fixes. 

We are also in the midst of an economic and political revolution. All over the West, Neoliberal economic ideology, austerity, consumerism, free-market capitalism and top down politics are being challenged, especially by younger people. The internet is transforming politics by facilitating dialogue and giving power to people. In the year of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and after an election that gave power to a UK government with only 37% of the votes, there are growing calls for a fair voting system, radical reform of outdated democratic institutions and a different way of doing politics. The story of Syriza in Greece has much in common with Spain's Podemos, Scotland's independence campaign and Jeremy Corbyn’s successful bid to lead and transform the UK Labour party.  These developments, a stagnant economy and mass migration are forcing the EU to rethink itself.

We face the biggest challenges in our history.Science and technology will not help us unless we are determined to act on the urgent need to tackle climate chaos, conserve a living planet, resolve economic inequality and break entrenched power structures. As I write, Cop 21, the 21st annual session of the International Climate Change Conference, is to be held in Paris, 30 November to 11 December 2015. Will the necessary action be finally agreed and acted upon in time to prevent catastrophe? Will we learn to live lightly on the planet? Will we learn to collaborate and resolve conflict without war?  Like all species, human beings are evolving. But will we do so in time?

The greatest obstacles are the lack of farsighted, courageous leaders who will speak the truth and disempowered citizens who think there is nothing they can do. Hence the subtitle of this book – A Call to Greatness.

This accessible book will help you make sense of the situation. It offers ways forward and practical solutions. It will help you decide how you want to engage with others in creating a better world through a peaceful revolution.  Above all it will give you hope.

Published by Acorn Independent Publishing in paperback ISBN 978-1-911079-03-3 and e-book ISBN 978-1-911079-04-0, order it from your local bookshop or via the following links:


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Please download and enjoy the table of contents and the introduction from The 21st Century Revolution:

This is a book jam-packed with solutions - hurrah! And, it all starts with the self; great change calls on each of us to step up and respond to the call of greatness. Whether it be changing our politics, our monetary system, our laws, our business ethics - at the heart of each resides something truly great. Bruce Nixon brings to life not only what is possible, what is already emerging, and also what could yet come into being.
Polly Higgins, Barrister, International Ecocide law advocate

This is an amazing book - not just because it tells us what’s wrong with our society and how to put it right - but because it is full of hope and love for people and our planet.  The world is a better place for The 21st Century Revolution – A Call to Greatness and its author Bruce Nixon - the book inspires me to help make the 21st century revolution happen.
Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass

A fascinating read and a really good contribution to the debate about the future of democracy. 
Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society

The greatest problem of our age is disempowerment – part of a political project to shift ordinary people out of power and out of politics, to leave them content to judge their identity by the brand of smart phone they rent. Bruce Nixon lays out the fullest dimension of this disempowerment and its fatal consequences. But he also outlines a way out; a way for all of us to become real citizens in a real democracy. The call to greatness not only refers to our own personal liberation from the shackles of disempowerment, but to the scale of the collective endeavour it will allow us to embark on - saving our species. It doesn’t get much bigger.
Nick Dearden, Director, Global Justice Now

Read this excellent analysis of what's gone wrong, take heart and fight for positive change!
Yvonne Roberts, Journalist and Fellow of the Young Foundation

Don’t despair – read this book! We can have a new economic system that works for people and planet, if enough of us meet the current (huge) challenges head-on and summon the greatness that each of us are capable of.  Bruce Nixon brilliantly sets out a course of action and hope.
Stewart Wallis, Executive Director, New Economics Foundation

We need to be both planning for a better world and actively setting out a route towards it. That needs the input of the many - and the democratic focus of this book is very much welcome, as is its understanding that our economic, social and environmental crises - and the solutions to them - are interlinked.
Natalie Bennett, Leader, Green Party of England and Wales

Bruce highlights the harmful consequences of our debt-based money system and the need to change the way money is created.
Ben Dyson, Founder of Positive Money

Bruce’s book is a comprehensive account of the social and political obstacles standing between us and a more sustainable future. In response to that, he proposes a collective approach, and that’s absolutely right – if we want change, people power is going to be at the heart of it.
Dale Vince, Ecotricity Founder

This is an important and timely book and will be of great interest to trade unionists fighting austerity and inequality. The focus on a sustainable economy and good green jobs is particularly welcome. At a time of rising social, economic and environmental injustice, this book gives ordinary working people hope that a better, fairer future can be within our grasp.
Frances O’Grady, General Secretary, TUC

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